Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Learning Exchange PCS-CSP a success

Environmental Educator Yalap Yalap from the Palau Conservation Society (PCS) traveled to Pohnpei February 6-11 on an MIC Learning Exchange to learn about the Green Road Show (GRS), the successfull environemental education program for elementary school students that the Conservation Society of Pohnpei (CSP) started in 2002. Yalap's mentors were CSP Environmental Educators Ben Namakin and Leinsom Neth. "It was a match made in heaven," Yalap wrote in his evaluation form. Now Yalap is now working to start the Ridge to Reef Road Show in Palau in September 2006 and thanks to another learning exchange, Ben will join him in Palau to help PCS launch the program.The exchange made Ben and Leinsom realized that mentoring other organizations is a powerful way to further conservation in Micronesia and offered to help other MIC Members develop their educational programs.

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