Monday, April 24, 2006

MIC Review Draft Report ready

After months of hard work, the MIC Review Team led by Ian Dutton finished the first draft of the Report and sent it to more that 50 members and partners of the Network for review and comments on April 22. Ian asked to assess the Report’s accuracy, fairness/balance, and recommendations. He also extended the deadline for comments to June 1, giving people to full weeks review the document. After receiving the comments, the Team will undertake a final edit of the Report and circulate the Final Report before the next MIC retreat. As Ian wrote in his message, “We hope that the recommendations made will significantly influence the design, agenda and conduct of the next retreat and so hope that you begin to take the ownership of this important opportunity that you asked for in the review.”

Friday, April 21, 2006

Madison Nena Chairmain of the Board for UWMP

The Board of Directors of Kosrae's Utwa Walung Marine Park (UWMP) met for the first time on April 20 and selected MIC member Madison Nena as its new Chairman. Among Madison's first commitment is to have a active board and work on a new management plan for the park. Madison is already working with MIC to schedule a Board Development Training for UWMP for late June/early July.