Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Learning Exchange brings KCSO staff to Pohnpei to learn from CSP

For the second time this year, CSP Education Officers mentored a colleague from another MIC organization. Jason Jack, KCSO new Program Officer went to Pohnpei May 16-22 to learn about the Green Road Show. KCSO will soon start a similar program and as Jason wrote in his evaluation, "The experience was tremendous and it surely will help our organization to grow, especially our educational program." Although Jason arrived during exam week, some schools allowed Ben and Leinsom to do some unscheduled presentations just to show Jason what they do. "The working relationship that we established was incredible. We agreed to contact each other regularly to discuss and update our work." Thank you again CSP for openly share your experience with the MIC members and Ben and Leinsom for being such great mentors! While in Pohnpei, Jason also attended the photography workshop with Nina Naylor (above), which hopefully will help him with the video he is about to shoot about Kosrae's unique Terminalia Forest.

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