Saturday, June 3, 2006

Learning Exchange helps PCS with Board Management

At the last MIC retreat, Tiare Holm - Executive Director of the Palau Conservation Society - asked if MIC could help her organization with 'Advanced Board Management'. Although at that time we weren't sure who could do it, luck was on our side. Alex Mas works for The Nature Conservancy in California as the director of the Southern Sierra Nevada Program. In that role he has led a number of terrestrial conservation projects and works extensively with partner NGOs, providing assistance with strategic planning, personnel and board management, and other aspects of organizational development. In December last year, Alex was awarded a Coda Fellowship to come to Micronesia, so we put Alex in contact with PCS. During his visit to Palau, Alex had individual meetings with Tiare and a number of Board members to get input on their current training needs. He then prepared materials to use in the orientation of all new board members -- particularly on the distinctions between governance and management functions -- which he then presented at a Board meeting. All were well-received and the Board has planned to schedule follow-up training sessions this fall. Thanks Alex for making another Learning Exchange possible!

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