Saturday, July 1, 2006

MIC member inspires conservation leaders in the Caribbean

MIC member Willy Kostka, director of the Micronesia Conservation Trust (MCT) participated in the Caribbean Workshop on Protected Area design and management, held in Miami, USA, from June 20-22. There he “inspired government and civil society conservation leaders throughout the Caribbean” say the organizers. Willy was the keynote speaker at the opening gala dinner, attended by approximately 100 participants, including notable guests such as the Minister of Forestry and Fisheries of Bahamas and Dr. Spencer Thomas, Grenada’s Permanent Secretary of Finance. His opening address was introduced by Jason Spensley, (TNC global protected areas staff member and a member of the recent MIC review team) who says that “Willy opened his address a little nervous, but quickly got into it, with his personable and charismatic self. At the end of his address, the audience immediately jumped to their feet and gave him a raucous standing ovation, in the passionate Caribbean style.”Willy shared the experience of the emerging Micronesia Challenge, and in doing so "inspired and shared know-how with Caribbean leaders about the high potential value of a regional challenge." During the workshop Willy also made a presentation about MIC, which he portrayed as "a strong example of how to strengthen know-how of conservation leaders, through peer knowledge sharing, networking, and exchange, in a regional small island context.” As the organizers wrote, "Thank you so much to Willy's organization, TNC-Micronesia programme, and MIC for enabling this to happen!”

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