Friday, June 2, 2006

Photography workshops for MIC conservation partners in Pohnpei and Palau

In May 2006, MIC offered its members and partners from Pohnpei (FSM) and Palau the chance to attend a one-day photography workshop. Although this is not one of the services MIC provides to its members, we took advantage of a very good opportunity. In December 2005, TNC's Alex Mas from the California Program was awarded a Coda Fellowship to visit Micronesia during the months of May and June and learn about conservation in this part of the world. When we learned that Alex would travel with his fiancee Nina Naylor, who is an outstanding photographer, we asked her if she would help our conservation partners to improve their photography skills.
She was so kind not only to accept, but to do it for free. Each workshop - the first in Pohnpei on May 19, the second in Palau on May 29 - was a success. In total almost 50 participants from NGOs and state and national governments attended.

To see the pictures Nina took in Micronesia go to

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