Saturday, August 5, 2006

Honor guests from the Caribbean at the Saipan retreat

Inspired by the launch of the Micronesia Challenge at the Coral Reef Task Force Meeting in Palau last November, the Caribbean country of Grenada undertook a similar initiative at the High Level Event hosted by the Palauan President at the 8th Conference of the Party (COP8) to the Convention on Biological Diversity that took place in Brazil in March 2006. At that event, Grenada committed to protect 25% of its marine resources and 25% of its terrestrial resources by 2020, thus launching the Caribbean Challenge. Since then, The Nature Conservancy has worked to creat a bridge between conservation leaders from Micronesia and the Caribbean involved in the two Challenges. In June 2006, Willy Kostka went to the Caribbean Workshop on Protected Areas (see June 30 post below) to share the experience and lessons learned of the emerging Micronesia Challenge. The success of that exchange inspired MIC to invite two conservation leaders from the Caribbean to the next retreat. Ms. Stacey Wells-Moutrie is the Senior Technical Officer with the BEST (Bahamas Environment Science and Technology) Commission, as well as Executive Board member of the Bahamas National Trust.
Dr. Spencer Thomas is a former Director General of Finance for Grenada and now is an advisor in the Ministry of Finance. He is also the CBD National focal point and Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA) Bureau Representative for GRULAC (Latin American and Caribbean Group). Dr. Thomas will be the keynote speaker a the retreat opening dinner on Sunday August 20.

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