Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Author and cultural preservationist Lino Olopai meets MIC members in Saipan

During the MIC retreat, author, story-teller, cultural preservationist and MINA Board member, Lino Olopai showed a brief segment of a documentary film called, “Spirit of Voyage”, which highlighted the Pu’o Ceremony, the right of passage to become a traditional canoe voyager in the island of Satawal (between the FSM islands of Yap and Chuuk.) Olopai, a member of the Carolinian community of Saipan, also answered many questions and talked about his recently published book, “The Rope of Tradition”. The engaging, charismatic, and calm Olopai also took the time to sit down for a brief interview with Equator Magazine, a publication focusing on the unique environments and cultures of Micronesia, to appear within the premier issue before the end of the year.


Crow said...

Lino is an inspiration to all of us who had the opportunity to know him. Since working with him in the late sixties (in the Peace Corps), I was so pleased to learn about his efforts to explore his roots. My best to him always. Dave Crutcher, RPCV Saipan, Mico7

john sauerwald said...

i had the extreme honor to meet and interact with Lino in 1989-90. He acted as an interpreter for the master navigator-Mau Piailug, who was giving a seminar at the college on Saipan. i feel the same as Dave. He is wonderful human who always comes to mind when i think of people i've known who make life worth living. He is indeed a very special person whom exudes peace, serenity, warmth, knowledge, understanding, reason. i know my life is richer for knowing him and i wish him well in all his undertakings.