Monday, September 4, 2006

MIC members learn more about conservation in CNMI

The Saipan retreat gave MIC members from Palau, FSM and Marshalls the opportunity to learn more about conservation in CNMI and meet conservation leaders and advocates based in Saipan. During an evening emceed by MINA Board Member Reina Camacho, MIC members and their prestigious guests watched presentations about various conservation projects in CNMI and interacted during a superb barbeque dinner at the beach.
Guests from CNMI:
Oscar Babauta – Speaker of the House of Representatives
Cinta Kaipat – House of Representatives
Dr. Ignacio Dela Cruz – Secretary of the Division of Lands and Natural Resources
Liz Rehebei – Joeten/Kiyu public library
Paz Younis – Executive director of the Humanities Council
Gus Kaipat – Legislative Bureau
Judy Torres – Marianas Visitors Authority
Angelo Villagomez – Marianas Resource Conservation and Development (and MINA)
Franz Reksid – Department of Public Lands
Laura Williams – Division of Fish and Wildlife
Kathy Yuknavage – Coastal Resources Management Office (and MINA)
Tim Lang – Coastal Resources Management Office
Tina Sablan – Division of Environmental Quality

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