Saturday, October 28, 2006

MIC provides Board Assessment and Development to CCS

Board Members of the Chuuk Conservation Society (CCS) attended a Board Development Training and performed a self-assessment in September 2006 with the help of MIC coordinator. Chuuk was the last of the FSM states to establish a conservation NGO. CCS was created in September 2005 and is in the process to hire its first staff. Chairman of the Board Joe Konno and Secretary Mary Rose Nakayama are both MIC members.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

CSP Environmental Educators mentor their colleagues in Palau and Kosrae

Environmental Educators from the Conservation Society of Pohnpei (CSP) have been involved in two learning exchanges lately. Ben Namakin and Leinsom Neth shared their four-year experience in running the successful Green Road Show in Pohnpei with Education Officers of other two MIC member organization: the Palau Conservation Society (PCS) and the Kosrae Conservation & Safety Organization (KCSO). The Green Road Show is a comprehensive and entertaining environmental education program for Pohnpei’s fifth graders. Ben and Leinsom visit all the primary schools on the island six times throughout the school year, focusing each session on one of four environmental topics: 1) Upland Forest, 2) Mangroves, 3) Coral Reef, and 4) Waste and Pollution. Messages are delivered using a fun and hands-on approach, and a variety of educational resources. The pre and post test results show a drastic increase in the students’ knowledge of their island’s environment.
The success of the Green Road Show has inspired other Micronesian conservation organizations. In order to learn more about the Show and see CSP Environmental Educators in action, Education Officers Yalap Yalap (PCS) and Jason Jack (KCSO) visited Pohnpei in February and May respectively (see posts below) on two MIC-sponsored learning exchanges. Following the exchanges, both organizations started adapting the Show to the cultures and needs of Palau and Kosrae, while MIC sponsored two more exchanges. Ben Namakin went to Palau August 19-25 to assist PCS in the launch of the Ridge to Reef Road Show, while Leinsom Neth flew to Kosrae September 11-16 to assist KCSO’s environmental education unit and staff in launching the Nature Road Show and enhance KCSO’s capacity to implement the program in the schools.