Saturday, December 16, 2006

15 MIC members participate in the Micronesia Challenge Action Planning Meeting

Fifteen members of the MIC network participated in the Micronesia Challenge Meeting December 4-7 in Palau.
Twelve members were part of the country delegations:
Palau: Tiare Holm and Ada Eledui
Guam: Vangie Lujan and Jay Gutierrez
FSM: Charles Chieng and Vanessa Fread (Yap state); Joe Konno and Mary Rose Nakayama (Chuuk state); Patterson Shed and Ricky Carl (Pohnpei state); Madison Nena (Kosrae state)
Marshalls: Albon Ishdoa and Steve Why
Three members represented support agencies:
Willy Kostka (Micronesia Conservation Trust), Bill Raynor (The Nature Conservancy) and Margie Falanruw (US Forest Service)
In addition, several board members of MIC organizations -- including the Mariana Islands Nature Alliance (MINA) and the Marshall Islands Conservation Society (MICS) -- also attended as government representatives.

Recommendations to the Chief Executives of the Micronesia Challenge jurisdictions (prepared by participants of the POLICY TRACK):
- The establishment of a Steering Committee, comprised of a focal point from each of the jurisdictions and one representative of the Micronesia Challenge Support Team and including participation by a representative of the Micronesia Challenge endowment
- The recruitment of a regional coordinator and support staff in accordance with agreed terms of reference and a preliminary budget of up to USD200,000 per annum to be financed through contributions by each jurisdiction on an equal basis and fundraising from partners and hosted by Palau
- An annual report on progress to implement the Micronesia Challenge by the Chair of the Steering Committee to the Chief Executives
- The development of a regional fundraising strategy in coordination with national strategies for public and private funds to support the Challenge including joint action to maximize access to GEF funds through a high-level meeting
- The Micronesia Conservation Trust to house a single endowment in support of the Challenge and that further consultations will be held to finalize the process and procedures to the satisfaction of each of the jurisdictions and donors
- Each jurisdiction of the Micronesia Challenge to take the appropriate steps to institutionalize the Challenge, including engaging traditional and community leaders, support for a Regional Communication Specialist and the implementation of outreach and marketing strategies at regional, national and jurisdictional levels.
In the TECHNICAL TRACK, participants worked in breakout groups focusing on 4 areas: 30% marine resources, 20% terrestrial resources, effective conservation, and stakeholder education and outreach.
All five jurisdictions developed detailed TWO-YEAR WORK PLANS (FY07-08) with budgets and priority needs identified.

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