Monday, December 17, 2007

TNC Micronesia Program and Kimbe Bay Participate in SEM-Pasifika Training

Freda Paiva, Conservation Research Assistant, and Annisah Sapul, Community Conservation Specialist, from the TNC Kimbe Field Office and Mae Bruton Adams, MIC Coordinator, TNC Micronesia Program, spent 1 week in Galahi, attending the first SEM-Pasifika Training of the trainers workshop.

The objective of the workshop was to build the capacity of the participants as SEM-Pasifika trainers, to provide participants with methodologies and procedures on socioeconomic monitoring, based on the SEM-Pasifika; and finally to receive input on the SEM-Pasfika draft.

The workshop was a success in many ways. It not only provide the trainees with tools to successfully implement a socioeconomic monitoring projects and allowed the participants to provide feedback on the SEM-Pasifika, but it created a greater appreciation of socioeconomic monitoring and its importance in the improvement of site management. It also fostered an opportunity for the participants to learn from the participants and their areas of work. It created an atmosphere of learning for each of the participants as they shared their experiences in their areas of work, as well as provided an occasion to develop ties to foster networks amongst the different agencies. SEM-Pasifika training also provided an opening for future cross training activities between TNC staff in the Micronesia and Melanesia programs.

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