Wednesday, February 27, 2008

MIC Measures Meeting

For a long time a few members of the MIC Steering Committee and I continued to ask ourselves “How is MIC doing?” There seemed to be a disconnect between the institutional goals that the MIC Members were creating and the overall goals of MIC and the MIC Measures.

In January 2008, Mary Rose Nakayama, Conservation Environment Protection Program Manager, Alissa Takesy, FSM Protected Areas Network Coordinator, Angelo Villagomez, Executive Director, Marianas Island Nature Alliance and I made our first attempt at creating a reporting format for the MIC Members that would link the Country/State Reports to the MIC Measures. (To keep this update short) although it was a great first attempt, the reporting format would have been shunned by members due to the amount of time it would take to complete.

Realizing that we needed a bit more help we asked a long time MIC Friend and creator, Audrey Newman, TNC Senior Advisor to the Asia Pacific Region, to come and give us a hand. Audrey being true to form, did not hesitate to come out to Pohnpei for a week to assist us with our measures. This is what we came up with:

1. Network effectiveness
2. Diversity
3. Leader Satisfaction
4. Cost-effectiveness
5. Organizational effectiveness
6. Effectively managed conservation sites
-effective conservation practices (via scorecard, CAP or equivalent)
-threat reduction
-biodiversity health
The top four (1-4) measures are to be monitored by the MIC Coordinator and the last 2 measures (5-6) by the MIC Members themselves. It is the intention of the MIC Steering Committee to have measures that would not add more work for the members, but rather complimented their work.

If you would like more detailed information on the measures, please email Mae Bruton Adams at

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