Wednesday, February 27, 2008

TNC Human Resources Helps MCT

Jan Eber, TNC Hawaii Program and Sharon Lewis, TNC Washington, came to Pohnpei to assit MCT with an organizational chart and with Human Resource Management Training. The training lasted two and a half days and were broken up into 12 modules.
Module One: Review of MCT structure -- in this module the participants reviewd the current structure of MCT and evalutaed the current structure and explored alternative models.
Module Two: Workforce Planning -- This module proved an overiew of the workforce planning model at TNC. Components of the workforce planning were explored and participants discussed and identified components for further development. Topics included:
-sourcing and staffing
- performance management
- professional development
- management and leadership
- succession planning
Module Three: Position reviews and job description -- Participants reviewd current positions within MCT and their alignment with the overall structure and mission of the organization. participants explored the components of job discriptions and created a template for MCT. A job analysis was conducted for each position and a job description created and evaluated.
Module Four: Compensation -- Current compensation structure and decsion making was reviwed and alternate methedologies were discussed. Definitions included: broad-banding, market based, grades and ranges, and benefits. Overview of TNC approach and discussion of internal equity and individual equity.
Module Five: Sourcing and staffing -- Reviewed current staffing strategies and onboarding. Explored best practices for recruiting and hiring staff.
Module Six: Performance Management -- Reveiwed how MCT currently handles performance management . Discussed the performance management lifesycle. Looked at evaluations and how these might be improved. Discussed methedologies and how perfromance links to pay. Acitivities included setting objectives, metrics, completing fair and accurate evaluations.
Module Seven: Employee development -- Define professional development, write professional development objectives and discuss ow this impacts retention and employee satisfaction.
Module Eight: Managning effectively -- General discussion and approaches for increasing employee satisfaction and engagement. How to handle difficult employee situations and create guidelines for termination.
Module Nine: Succession planning -- This module covered how succession planning worked, and might work within MCT. They identified critical skills the Trust should be looking for and develope for the years ahead. They reviewed different models and discussed how a succession plan can be developed and implemented at MCT.
Module Ten: Legal/Compliance issues -- Identified the local FSM laws that impact the Trust and plan how compliance and legal requirments are best reviewed and audited.
Module Eleven: Employee manual -- create an employee manual
Module Twelve: Operations -- Review general operations within MCT. Created a process flow chart as template to be used for other process evaluations.

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