Thursday, July 10, 2008

MC Workshop June 2008 Objectives

Communications Working Group, working to consolidate and streamline communications efforts for the Challenge, had five associated objectives for the workshop session.
  1. To review and finalize a modular regional MC Communications Plan;
  2. To develop a template for island wide communications plans that clearly link to the regional MC Communications Plan and also jurisdictional priorities;
  3. To build a cohesive regional communications team by sharing information and lessons learned among communications and outreach working group members and carrying out team building exercises that support capacity building;
  4. To begin the development of a regional inventory of summaries, photos, presentations, and other outreach materials; and
  5. To provide recommendations to the MC measures working group to foster the development of effectiveness measures that support messaging to key audiences.
Measures Working Group were to define a proposed process and timeline for the periodic measurements and analysis of progress made toward achieving the goals of the MC.
They had 5 associated objectives:
  1. To establish a technical working group focused on developing a process for and coordinating the periodic completion of measurement and analysis of progress made toward achieving the goals for the MC;
  2. To identify the regional overlaps and gaps associated with biological and social indicators related to natural resource management being collected across terrestrial and marine ecosystems by participating agencies and organization operating within each of the participating jurisdictions;
  3. To identify a shared set of results chains that are related to the MC goals;
  4. To build consensus around a proposed set of relevant and useful categories of MC measures as a possible set of corresponding indicators to be collected across jurisdictions, as appropriate; and
  5. To produce recommendations to the MC communications working group on how the outputs of the MC measures working group should be used for messaging purposes.

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