Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just One of Many Reasons for Conservation Work

There are so many reason to do conservatoin work. Often times we talk about preserving the biodiversity of the plant; or how crucial a health environment is to the stability of the world markets; then we get stories about children spending time enjoying nature. When I look into the eyes of the future, I am driven to do my part to leave the future generations a healthy plant.

Allois Malfatani is co-owner of the Pohnpei Surf Club. On occassion he takes time out of his busy schedule to teach children how to surf. Allois has also been involved in conservation activities in Pohnpei doing volunteer work with the Conservation Society of Pohnpei. He sent me this message (with pictures).
In most places around the world, surfing lessons take place on a beach, with long soft rolling waves, onto a white sandy beach. Not in Pohnpei, but that was not an obstacle for the kids who attended the Pohnpei Surf Club Surf Day for Kids at Nahlap Island Resort on 30th of August.

All kids had an introduction to surfboards on flat water learning how to paddle, sit on the surfboards, they got towed around on top of some fun water toys and when the tide got high enough to cover the reef, all kids hit the surf!

Around 30 kids had no problem with the absence of the white sandy beach or dealing with the shallow and sharp reef on the inside where the waves were breaking. All had fun and some potential champions were spotted.

The Pohnpei Surf Club would like to give thanks to all participants who came along, the volunteers who helped and Nahlap Island Resort for providing us with the location for the event.

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