Monday, March 2, 2009

TNC Annual Staff Retreat

The Naure Conservacny had its Annual retreat in Pohnpei, from 16-20 February. The objective of the retreat was:
  1. Review progress on the Micronesia Action Plan FY08-10, share experiences in the field and learn from each other
  2. Review of new organizational structure of the Micronesia Program
  3. Review Progress on the Micronesia Challenge and our supporting role
  4. Learn how to be better supervisors and learn what our supervisors should be doing better!
  5. Review our Team Charter and make sure we’re “living it” in our daily interactions
  6. Begin planning for FY10 goals and budgets and explore using “Miradi” to streamline this process
  7. Learn about conservation issues on Pohnpei and interact with key partners there
  8. Reinforce our mutual commitment to our vision for Micronesia conservation “The people of Micronesia taking local action and inspiring leadership to sustain their natural heritage in a rapidly changing world” and to partnerships, teamwork and our team values.
  9. Rejuvenate and motivate our team

During the retreat, the Micronesia Program staff visited the Ngahtik Marine Protected Area with the Conservation Society of Pohnpei. The Micronesia Program saw what 15 years of hard work in Pohnpei has final lead to... Local communities, effectively managing and conserving their natural resources. The trip to Ngahtik was inspiring and gave the team a rejuvinated sense of purpose.

Although the retreat was a success, there was a dark cloud that hung around. Due to the world economic crisis we found out during our retreat that we would be loosing 2 key staff. Dr. Sean Austin, our Conservation Coordinator will be leaving the Conservancy in the end of May; and Dr. Eric Verheij, our Protected Areas Network Advisor, will be leaving in December. Despite the sad news, we were able to accomplish our objectives for the retreat with an optimistic and upbeat attitude.

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