Tuesday, April 7, 2009

MC Communications Coordinator Job Announcement

Micronesia Challenge


CLOSING DATE: April 30, 2009
TO APPLY: Send cover letter and resume to Charlene Mersai at micronesiachallenge@gmail.com


The Micronesia Challenge (MC) is a globally unique effort, and is unprecedented in its collaborative regional approach to achieving conservation goals. As such, the MC has the potential to attract both international and national funding as well as fostering pride in island residents as leaders in this unique conservation effort. To fully maximize this potential however, a coordinated, strategic, and sustained marketing strategy, which highlights local success stories at a regional and national level, must be implemented.

Social marketing and communication strategies are now recognized as critical components to successful conservation efforts. Ultimately, conservation is about people. We do not manage resources; we manage how people interact with these resources. The question is no longer whether to involve local communities in conservation, but how.

While most jurisdictions have some level of a public participation plan, and an outreach professional working on engaging local communities in conservation, most have also noted “community support and participation” as a challenge to their efforts. These local professionals will become essential in spreading the messages and goals of the Micronesia Challenge to local stakeholders, and fostering public participation in management actions towards achieving the MC goals. However, they need support to further develop strong social marketing messages, and gain skills to effectively foster environmental stewardship. It is essential to provide long term support to local coordinators as they carry out public awareness strategies in their local jurisdictions.

Finally, there is currently no mechanism for developing a regional marketing approach that emphasizes the unique nature of the Challenge and garners further financial and technical support both nationally and internationally. It is unrealistic to assume that locally-based coordinators can carry out regional MC communications. Their limited time and technical resources must be prioritized for local initiatives. A truly integrated and successful approach requires an individual with highly developed technical marketing skills that can carry out public opinion research, craft effective messages, and implement a sustained and targeted campaign.


Raising public awareness of environmental concerns and how to address these concerns is a central component of any strategy to conserve biodiversity and promote the sustainable use of natural resources. The Micronesia Challenge is a unique and unprecedented conservation endeavour. At the regional level, it requires a:

specialized, effective, regional marketing campaign that conveys a regional message, showcases the participating jurisdictions’ successes, and ultimately attracts foreign and/or national investment;
a reliable communications plan that coordinates regional events and oversees the flow of information between jurisdictions and the greater international community; and
a system that provides technical support to the existing outreach and education strategies of the local jurisdictions.


The Micronesia Challenge Communications Specialist (MCCS) position will assist the five Micronesia Challenge (MC) jurisdictions (The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, the Republic of Palau, and The Republic of the Marshall Islands) through development of marketing materials and technical assistance. Specifically, the role of the MCCS will include but not be limited to:
· Work with MC Coordinator, MC Communications Team and MC Support team to further develop and implement a regional MC Communications Plan, ensuring the MC is positioned appropriately at important national, regional and international events as they arise.
· Assist MC Coordinator to liaise with donors, the media and the general public to elevate global recognition and support for the Challenge
· Craft regional messages highlighting local success stories
· Work with MC Champions (and Champions Coordinator) to support implementation of communications plan
· Provide support and training for local coordinators as appropriate
· Serve as Web administrator of a regional Web site that will link to existing local web-based information and house communication tools.
· Bring expertise and training to local jurisdictions to support jurisdictional efforts
· Coordinate regional events (e.g. MC Festival/Meeting, training)
· Compile regional reports highlighting local efforts
· Disseminate branding tools and ensure consistency of brand in all MC Communications materials


· Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, Social marketing or related field and at least 3 years related experience or equivalent combination.
· Excellent written and oral communication skills.
· Good interpersonal skills, including the ability to effectively pitch news/feature stories and work with media on deadline.
· Sound judgment, professionalism and, especially, discretion while serving as the media spokesperson for the Micronesia Challenge.
· Demonstrated experience in MS Office, Word, and Excel. May require database management skills with ability to produce reports. Ability to use advanced computer functions including navigating the Internet. Ability to manipulate, analyse and interpret data.
· Ability to organize time and manage diverse activities. Meet deadlines.
· Must be able to present ideas and concepts clearly and in a culturally considerate context and to work effectively within the region other MC partners.
· Preference given to candidates from or with experience in Micronesia or other Pacific Islands.

Communications/Interpersonal Contacts:
· Communication and presentation skills; ability to persuasively convey the mission of MC to diverse groups including donors, the public and others.
· Ability to communicate and coordinate with multiple stakeholders (e.g. local outreach focal points, MC Coordinator, donors, the public, donors, and others) over long distances.
· Ability to work closely with a team of people to develop and implement project plans
· Solicit MC support through clear written communications, including proposal writing and other written materials.

Problem Solving/Decision-Making Responsibility:
· Coordinate multiple projects with several variables, set realistic deadlines, and manage a timeline.
· Interpret guidelines and analyse factual information to adapt or modify processes in response to changing circumstances.
· Duties may require non-routine analysis, research and follow-through.
· Work independently without requiring detailed management review of general work.
· Financial responsibility may include working within a budget to complete projects, negotiating and contracting with vendors, assisting with budget development, and meeting fundraising targets.

Working Conditions/Physical Effort:
· Ability to adapt to dynamic working schedules and environments, including regional travel
· Ability to work under stress during peak workload periods.


The MCCS will be supervised by the MC Regional Coordinator, Charlene Mersai, based in Palau.
Work hours will vary according to task being performed but will average 40 hours per week.
Regional travel may be required to perform certain tasks.
MC Regional Office and host partner organization will provide office space, computer, phone, and administrative support.
The period of performance for this contract is 1 year from the date of award.

Location TBD- finding the right candidate with the right skills is the highest priority

$30,000 to $40,000 per annum

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